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Black tea is good for health?

Black tea has properties that prevent the flu, food stomach and stomach cancer. Because the poly phenols in black tea are more effective than antioxidants. Black tea also helps in reducing bad cholesterol. And these poly phenols are also good for teeth. Plankton does not stop taking and stimulates the enamel on the teeth . Let's know the health benefits of black tea.

1. Black tea drinks increase our agility in our brain. it also reduces fatigue. Scientists have found that black tea drinks can increase the thinking ability, and the green tea drinks the body and it is good for those who regularly drink tea.

2. Cardiovascular problems are due to the fact that three cups of black tea or green tea daily can reduce heart problems by eleven percent. Teat reduces the possibility of developing clots in the bloodstream,  resulting from fat and cholesterol combination.

3. Black tea is also rich in antioxidants. In two apples and five different type of vegetables available antioxidants are available only two cups of black tea. Researchers from the University of Western Australia have revealed the latest research.

4. Recent research has shown that green tea is available in doses as much as the spinach is in the black tea. Pneuonides in tea enhance the nitric oxide level, the endothelial function. They also play a key role in maintaining a healthy heart. The flavonoids in tea are healthy for the heart.

5. L-thianine stress in green and black tea s will reduce the calm down. Antioxidants in tea can help prevent cancer. Tea antidote for a variety of allergies.

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