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Truth About Fats

Fat.. cholesterol..The name of the name is now very much bembeled. This is due to the high levels of obesity, heart disease and hypertension that currently strains many. that is not the fatty enemy. Essential to the body itself. It is impossible to survive otherwise. Fatty is the same one to be found somewhere. Brain, liver,intestines, brain, lymphatic vessels, muscle tissue etc.It works like everywhere. We had about 10% of our body weight. One may think that the brain is a fat lump. About 60% of the brain is occupied. There is a one percent reduction in brain function. This is very important for the skin to appear glossy or not to damage the organs. Special fat tissue around the heart while exposing a lot of materials. Fat is considered to be the most powerful means of storage, but it is important for hormones and vitamins.

It is an integral part of the defense system and can not wait to see the body. Without the weather side effects, the old age shields from falling on the shade, So there is no need to look at the fat, It is necessary to be aware of the goodness it does, Always avoid unnecessary experiments to avoid fat and health.

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