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Which vitamins are better for any ill health problems.

Most of the unhealthy problems that occur are caused by malnutrition. If we do not take the proper nutrients in the food we eat, we have a malnutrition and are experiencing a number of unhealthy problems. But most of the illnesses can be easily cured by ourselves. It requires proper vitamins to eat.But now you know what vitamins are better for any ill health problems!

1. Those suffering from skin problems should take vitamin A, C, E foods and supplements. These protect the skin from sunlight. As well as many other causes of skin problems. These vitamins are available in foods such as eggs, nuts, carrots, lemon, kiwis, grapes, amla, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, figs, cashews, pulses etc.

2. Those are felling stressed , unhealthy, stressful and anxiety should take B vitamins foods. B vitamins are available in green vegetables, fish, mutton, chicken, nuts and other foods.

3. Who have suffered from bones and teeth, should use calcium foods and tablets. Both of these are available in Rajma, milk, soya, cheese, broccoli, lettuce, yogurt and other foods.

4. If any part of the body has pains and swelling, they should take foods that are omega-3 fatty acids. Foods like fish, pulses, nuts, pumpkin seeds, olive oil, coconut oil, ghee etc. are also available for omega 3 fatty acids.

5. To improve the eyesight, infections may be exposed to the outside, anti-inflammatory antioxidants have the advantage of diet and supplements. Antioxidants are available through foods such as tomato, ginger, garlic, capsicum, lemon, dark chocolate, lettuce and onions.

6. Those suffering from digestive problems should take foods containing probiotics. Probiotics are available through milk, milk products, garlic, almonds, bananas, apples and other foods.

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