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Iron is essential for the red blood cells in our body

Iron is essential for the construction of red blood cells in our Body. If the iron is not adequate, the blood will not be made. Besides, many metabolites are disrupted. Iron deficiency reduces the production of hemoglobin and does not get oxygen to the cells in the body.

This leads to anemia. As a result, severe fatigue, skin appear to be white,respiratoryfailure, headache, abnormal heartbeat, hair loss, skin dryness, tongue swelling and breaking. However, if the ingredients mentioned below are part of the diet, the iron deficiency can be corrected.
Mutton, pork, chicken, green vegetables, green leafy vegetables, dry fruits, apricots, beans, fish, nuts are often eaten by the iron. And drink the juice of orange juice. This causes the body to absorb the iron from the food we eat. You can also use Iron Tables as per your doctor's instructions. But they have side effects. So the tabs should be used as the doctor suggests. Know more about benefits of eating beans. 

Pomegranate - The anti-ageing agent

Everyone wants to be beautiful. There are many cosmetics that are available in the market to look younger. Finally, the side effects are coming up. Especially winter comes when the skin is bleeding, rashes coming out and bursting. The cold and the thorns are plowing.

Many of these problems do not have to go away to avoid these problems. That's the fruit that's available in nature. Naturally healing. If you take the natural fruit juice from the work, it is not health to the body and yourglamor is doubled. Pomegranate fruit is the most beneficial in such fruits.

The pomegranate is one of the most popular fruits for food, juice. It has antioxidants than green tea, blueberries and redwines. These protect us from heartdisease and cancer.

Pomegranate fruit juice is taken daily by many diseases. Heat control in the body. As a glamor, it serves as good anti-aging. Fighting against infections. This juice is good for kidneys and heart. Diabetes and pomegranate can also be taken with po…

How to improve memory power with natural food.

In today's modern life the pressure on the man is increasing. Its effect on the memory. That's how you can look for a nearby item in the house. Anxiety and stress are the main reasons for this. And because of the more dependence on technology in mechanical life, we are holding on to our own memory. This problem is not limited to adult. Experts believe that children are too high. However, some food habits are enough to improve memory.

1. Carrot, cauliflowershould be taken in the diet. 60 grams of gobi is a good result if you take a little cilantro and snack a little bit of salt, peppermintand lemon juiceearly in the morning.

2. Calcium intake should be taken on daily basis. Calcium rich foods such as milk, cheese, butter and yogurt can help in the brain's enthusiasm. Especially useful are the amino acids in yogurt that can be used to stimulate memory.

3. Take a glass of buttermilk after meals. This causes some stress and anxiety. This has also been useful for increasing memor…

Medicinal properties in the mint leaves.

There are many medicinal properties in the mint. Mint leaves are green throughout the year. Experts say that every part of the mint plant is something that can be helpful. Medicinal properties in the mint make allergy and asthma away. That is why it is good to use the mint in cooking.

Often the result of the mint leaves in the form of curry of green leaves. There are plenty of anti-inflammatory properties in the mint. They make allergies away. No respiratory problems are caused by mint.

Often in the dishes, the mint bacteria in the mouth are destroyed. In the rainy season, winter mint leaves can be relieved of cold and sore throat.

Vitamin C, D, E, B in the mint... Improves immunity due to calcium and phosphorus. Do not get sick. The digestive system can be improved by taking the tea made from mint leaves every day.

Brain stroke causes and precautions.

Brain stroke causes when the first part of the body is disrupted without blood supply, the brain and cells of the body are inseparable. It is called brain stroke in medical terminology. Brain stroke is also an emergency clinical condition like a heart attack.

Timely recognizing and providing proper treatment can be saved from mortality. If the person dose not come out of the stroke, he will be able to prevent it from coming soon. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, cardiovascular stroke, cardiac arrest, obesity, obesity and prophylaxis often lead to stroke. The doctors warn the the risk of survival negligible if neglected.

Precautions to avoid the scratch:

Patients who use puberty anti-inflammatory drugs should frequently seek medical examinations. Fruits should be eaten by vegetables, cereals, regular exercise. Take care to overweight, keep the blood pressure under control, avoid alcohol. Depression should be relaxed and calm, Take a moderate diet.