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Brain stroke causes and precautions.

Brain stroke causes when the first part of the body is disrupted without blood supply, the brain and cells of the body are inseparable. It is called brain stroke in medical terminology. Brain stroke is also an emergency clinical condition like a heart attack.

Timely recognizing and providing proper treatment can be saved from mortality. If the person dose not come out of the stroke, he will be able to prevent it from coming soon. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, cardiovascular stroke, cardiac arrest, obesity, obesity and prophylaxis often lead to stroke. The doctors warn the the risk of survival negligible if neglected.

Precautions to avoid the scratch:

Patients who use puberty anti-inflammatory drugs should frequently seek medical examinations. Fruits should be eaten by vegetables, cereals, regular exercise. Take care to overweight, keep the blood pressure under control, avoid alcohol. Depression should be relaxed and calm, Take a moderate diet.

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