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Iron is essential for the red blood cells in our body

Iron is essential for the construction of red blood cells in our Body. If the iron is not adequate, the blood will not be made. Besides, many metabolites are disrupted. Iron deficiency reduces the production of hemoglobin and does not get oxygen to the cells in the body.

This leads to anemia. As a result, severe fatigue, skin appear to be white, respiratory failure, headache, abnormal heartbeat, hair loss, skin dryness, tongue swelling and breaking. However, if the ingredients mentioned below are part of the diet, the iron deficiency can be corrected.

Mutton, pork, chicken, green vegetables, green leafy vegetables, dry fruits, apricots, beans, fish, nuts are often eaten by the iron. And drink the juice of orange juice. This causes the body to absorb the iron from the food we eat. You can also use Iron Tables as per your doctor's instructions. But they have side effects. So the tabs should be used as the doctor suggests. Know more about benefits of eating beans. 

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