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Alcohol, chocolates and caffeine reduces kidney function.

Kidneys are the most important organs in the body. Their main responsibility is to remove various impurities in the blood and clean the vein. These are also continuously working. In the process of removal of impurities, these include impurities and tumors. It is good to send out the contamination of the kidneys. Let's see how the natural removal of the impurities in the kidneys is now.

1. One of the easiest tools to clean the kidneys is water cure. Drink every day for about 7 to 8 glasses of water.  Water removes toxins as filtered. If urine is clear and without any stinginess, then you are drinking sufficient water.

2. Barley grain is not only the cleansing of the kidneys, but also the ability to protect it from the dangers. It is a hole grain that is high in fiber. It is also effective protective against diabetes. Some barley seeds can be diluted in the water at night and in the morning the drinks of the drinking water can be fully accepted.

3. Fresh fruits, vegetables, especially potassium should be taken daily. Potassium is rich in fruits such as grapes, oranges, bananas, kiwi and apricot, Besides, milk and yoghurt are also rich in potassium. Especially different berries clean the impurities in the kidneys. Because it is a hiporic acid in quineine metabolism and it cleans the kidneys efficiently.

4. Alcohol, chocolate, and caffeine have many side effects. Because they are taken, they can have a lot of effect on the kidneys in the melting sequence. This reduces kidney function. That's why, it's good to stay away from them. 

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