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How to control constipation problem.

Obesity, thyroid, sugar problems, other illnesses, long hours of work, eating habits,etc. Many people today suffer from constipation problem for many reasons. It is not a good time to spend a few hours in the toilet. This makes the day uncomfortable. It is not meant to tell others except those who are suffering. However, following the tips and instructions, you can get exhausted from the problem of constipation. And now let's get to know those tips and suggestions..!

1. In the whole day, the drinking water does not get to drink. So drink regularly enough water in the dose. Especially if you drink 1 liter of water every day soon after the morning stroke does not have constipation problem.

2. Make sure that fiber is high in your diet. Eating foods that contain fiber products do not get constant. Eat greens, fresh vegetables and fruits. Especially the banana and jam fruits are eaten daily. You can also eat pineapple, Orange and Sapodilla fruits.

3. Reduce drinking tea and coffee. Stored food should not be eaten. Eat less spicy ingredients.

4. If you drink a glass of carrot juice, cabbage juice and beetroot juice can be exposed to the constipation problem.

5. In the tomato juice, mix salt and pepper powder and take it in the morning everyday and it helps reduce the constipation.

6. Before going to bed at night take one spoon triphala powder and mix it in one glass of water. use this remedy for one week. The constipation problem reduce automatically.

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