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How to get rid of the problem of hair loss.

In the present situation many people are experiencing a problem of hair loss. There are many reasons for this. If any of them are hair fall, anybody begins to worry. However, to get rid of the problem of hair loss, you should follow the instructions given below. Please note...

1. To keep your hair day, make sure that the vitamins and minerals in the diet are accurate. Eat foods that are rich in proteins, iodine and beta carotene, including vegetables, greens eggs, oats, cereals etc. This gives you nourishing nourishment. The hair is firm. Hair loss will decrease.

2. At least once in two days should be shaken. Do not get too hot water in the order of thinning. Cool or nail should be shaken with warm water. If you use very hot water to thinning, your hair fall will increase.

3. In addition to head wash during bathing, The hair should be tapped with fingers. But do not touch the nails with the gourds. If you do that, hair loss will increase.

4. After head bath the hair should wipe it with a towel or follow natural process. But dryer should not be used. Do not rub your hair when hair is wet.

5. When the combs are not cleaned the dust in them will be damaged in the hair and destroy the hair. So keep cleaning the comb regularly. Shampoo for hair every day is a problem . So it's good to shampoo twice a week.

6. Some people sleep with wet hair immediately after bathing. Doing this will hurt hair quickly. Most people use more hot water when they are shaved. Hot water removes color in your hair and activates glands that produce oil. If you use tepid water, remove the dirt in the hair and improve blood circulation.

7. If the shampoo is not completely cleaned during the head bathing, the shampoo will remain on the hair and cause the dirt to go away. Hair is scarce. So its better to have a bath with a comb in the bath before going to bed. 


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