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Yoga, meditation that gives you true results.

Most people today suffer from various psychological stress and physical disorders. There are many problems that are often associated with the thyroid yield, hypertension, BP, knee pains, neck, spinal cord, and menstrual severity.

Experts say that we can get out of the way with the yoga and get the whole thing. Let's know how. There are some rules to be followed before starting the yoga. Excretion is essential before exercise. Drinking water should take about 20 to 30 minutes before yoga.

Do not yoga at the time of the ya seal. Especially with a peaceful mind. Stress in mind - Do not do yoga when anger, fear, dislike, etc.Do not take coffee and teas before doing yoga. Do not wear a tight cloth.

Make cotton dress up as fast as possible. It is good to have in the presence of experienced yoga trainers who are suffering from chronic diseases. Practice like this...

Voice and Air pollution should be chosen. Yoga should be practiced in a spacious room with air or light, or out doors. You should be practiced twice in the morning and evening.

It is better to practice self only after yoga learns in the presence of experienced trainers. Do not do yoga on the ground. Take a soft bed sheet or a carpet.

Do not drink water at the time of yoga. Drink 20 minutes before yoga or 20 minutes after completion. Yoga should be systematic.

The yoga ashenas should not be made when you are with a fever or high bP. Those who do not sit down due to any physical dislocation should sit on a desk and practice.

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