January 21, 2019

How to control chronic headache, sinus and migraine pain with natural methods.

One of the most common physical problems is headaches. Insomnia, working pressure, watching a computer screen for a long time, and a lack of proper drinking water are likely to cause headaches. Especially cold winter winds can also cause headaches. You can reduce headaches with tablets. Get rid of headaches can be relieved by taking some light tips. Drinking too much water can reduce headaches. Alcoholic habits are more likely to cause headaches. So avoid the habit of drinking alcohol. Late night sleep is very bad for health and it is one the cause for headaches.

Drink lemon juice in a boiling water with a glass reduces headache. This tip works for most headaches. If you massage on your forehead with coconut oil or almond oil can be reduced the headache. Massage with eucalyptus oil can reduce your headache. Frequent headaches should be avoided with butter, chocolates, meat and junk food. Cabbage, cauliflower and leafy vegetables should be taken.

Magnesium deficiency is often accompanied by a headache. Adding 600 mg of magnesium citrate per day can reduce headache, However, magnesium supplements can cause problems like diarrhea. It is better to take a lower dose.

If you drink a cow's milk, the headache will decrease. Ghee in the meal often reduces the headache. Teaspoons garlic juice can be reduced to a headache. Before sleeping, keep the feet on the hot water bucket every day. Doing this will reduce chronic headache and sinus headache. For three weeks, there is a better result.

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