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Vitamin B12 deficiency and symptoms.

Vitamin B12 deficiency and symptoms: B12 vitamin deficiency leads to fernius aemia. This is water soluble vitamins. The brain plays a key role in working with neurotransmitter. It is necessary in the preparation of red blood cells. DNA preparation, regulation, and fatty acids in the body. Did you know that B12 deficiency-elderly confused in the elderly , The symptoms of forgetfulness appear naturally, but this may cause B12 vitamin deficiency? As we age on age, the absorption of vitamin B12. This error may increase without any symptoms. This leads to features such as confusion and forgetfulness older ones appear to be the age old symptoms. Vitamin B12 deficiency and symptoms
Vitamin B12 deficiency and symptoms
Vitamin B12 preference : Being healthy for our nervous system, B12 vitamin is mandatory for red blood cells. If  a deficiency is present in a few doses, It can cause muscle weakness, stroke, chills, urinary retention, low blood pressure, depression, and forgetfulness. If the defect is too severe, it can lead to anemia. Like all bee vitamins. Bee 12 also Melt in water. But if the dose is high, it is stored in the liver and tissues. Therefore, if the diet does not take enough B12, it will not seen to decrease the dose in the blood for a long time. If the storage dosage is low, then B12 can be a defect too quickly. Infants will have an impact earlier. It is revealed that blood test for vitamin levels is achieved.
Vitamin B12 deficiency and symptoms
Those with vitamin B12 deficiency have to make changes in dietary habits in life style. Vitanin B12 should be diagnosed with clinical reasons, If there are no changes after making changes in diet. Consuming some foods can balance the vitamins.
Vitamin B12 deficiency and symptoms

So, change some food hobbies before taking supplements. In the following list, it is necessary to add vitamin B12 foods regular diet.
Vitamin B12 deficiency and symptoms
1. Shellfish or eustress: Most shellfish contain vitanin B12. It also plays an important role in providing potassium.

2. Liver: Beef and chicken liver is rich in vitamin B12. The chicken is high in it. And this is a good choice.

3. In vitamins rich in vitamin B12 has been found. Vitamin B12 is rich in foods such as smoked salmon, hurries tuna, trout, trout, and canned sardines.

4. Crab: One of the seafides is krabs. It is good to take the Blue and red king Crab, which is rich in vitamin B12. Another option is to take the graffiti, shrimp, and labster. Due to good quality krabs, there is a high difference.

5. Soya products: Vitamin B12 is rich in soy products. You can also try soy milk. This is another option for vitanin B12.
Vitamin B12 deficiency and symptoms
6. Fortified cereals: Cereals also contain vitamin B12. It is good for health. This is good optional food for veterans who have vitamin B12 deficiency.

7. Red Meat: Vitamin ac This is a great source. Grass fed Beef is healthy for the body. So, lean beef should be selected.

8. Milk and yogurt: Full fat Milk is a good option for vitamin B12. You can also choose yogurt. Vegetables are good alternatives to meat if you are vegetarian.

9. Cheese: 12 types of cheese are rich in vitamin B12. Some cheesecakes are good for health. On the types of cheese are based on B12 quantity and quality.

10. Egg: Vitamin B12 in the eggs is plenty. In the yard, the little egg is white. A boiled egg contains 0.7mcg of vitamin B12.

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