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fasting intermittently

Fasting intermittently: Fasting means ... ah ... it feels dull. But instead of fasting, you get new life force. We'll know if we try.
Fasting is paramount health! But how to fast? What are the methods of fasting? What to take during fasting? Not everyone is aware of what is. If you can understand the intent of fasting, it is easy to practice. If you drink three meals and drink water, the water is sufficient for digestion. But in order to purify the waste stored in the body through feces, drink at least 5 to 6 liters of water per day. Body contamination causes a variety of ailments. When there is only one disease causing all of the ailments and their symptoms, the treatment must be the same! That alone is fasting therapy. This process involves eliminating all the waste that is stored in us, as well as thoroughly purifying the four disinfectants. As a result, the disease is reduced. Reduces the chance of becoming a chronic disease.
fasting intermittently
fasting intermittently
Water is a paramedic

In fasting, all the waste in the body should be consumed between 5 and 6 liters of water per day. Even if you do not take any foods during fasting, drink 5 liters of water! For that purpose, drink one liter of water in the morning and then once every two hours. Wastes stored in fasting water are not soaked. Don't go out However in the case of drinking water these instructions must be followed ...

Cold water in the fridge should not be consumed during fasting.

Reducing water is a mistake because the body is well watered! The more we drink the water, the more the salt water stored inside is released.

People who are low in blood pressure and start fasting should take 5 liters of water throughout the day to lower BP and not be at risk of lethargy. If the water is low, the risk of BP decreases.

Since 250 grams of honey is consumed throughout the day, heat is generated in the body. If the water is not drinking properly, the urine will not run smoothly. Either way, fasting water should not be reduced to less than 5 liters. Ate hunger with lemon juice ...
fasting intermittently
Lemon juice has the effect of meditating on food. That is why honey, after drinking lemon juice, does not eat anything. Drinking lemon juice in honey once every two hours can help you stay upright throughout the day without distracting yourself from food.

Lemon juice prevents the liver from getting too much bile during fasting. Because of this, there is no tendency.

Lemon juice is an effective medicine in destroying harmful bacteria and intestinal lining. Honey is good

In fasting, the honey is energized on the one hand, and on the other hand, it helps with excretion.

It is true that fasting blood sugar percentage decreases. However, glucose in honey works well for increasing cardiovascular function.

Those who suffer from ulcer will fast with honey, and the ulcers will decrease completely. Fasting in the stomach is easy!

Even people with diabetes are not fasting with honey. Good luck too! This is because the sugar in the honey gives you a little more energy than it does at once.

Which is better?

Fasting, Watering, juice fasting, fruits fasting .... Fasting is basically four types. These four types of fasting have different results in purifying the body. You need to know what kind of fasting is beneficial, depending on your body and physical problem.

Nothing touching ...

Fasting without touching even fresh water is called dehydration. But the next point of air for the body is water! Drinking water fasting is more than good for the body. Drink water every day to keep out the unwanted water or salt! Therefore, dehydration is in no way beneficial to our health. Some people, however, fast under the names of initiators or initiators or without water for weight loss. It is a fact that dehydration is not healthy and spiritually beneficial.

Drinking only water ...

Water-only drinking fasts are called water-fasts. Some of these fasts drink tepid water or pot water, while others drink lemon juice every time. If the body is at rest with fasting with lemon juice, then some glucose must be supplied to the body in order to regain energy. For this purpose, drink 8 tablespoons of lemon juice, four times a day, from morning till night. By doing so, the body goes to waste.

If corrected with liquids ...

Fasting while taking fruit juices is called juice fasting. Oranges, Citrus Limetta, pomegranate fruit, coconut water and barley water are given in nature shelters three to five times a day depending on the health of the person. This is a view of those who cannot fast. In fact, lemon juice, honey, even the fasting calculation.
fasting intermittently
Eating Fruits ..

Fruit fasting is called fruit fasting. All kinds of juices are fed during this fast. How many days of follow-up is so much blood loss. So much hunger increases. Vitamins and salt deficiency can reduce the incidence of diseases.

Because of the enema?

The process is like new water coming in and pushing out old water. However, the accumulation of debris in the body does not move since the onset of fasting. Therefore, you should take enema every day during fasting. In addition to the waste caused by the enema, all the bad in the body goes out. This paves the way for atomic energy in the body.

Remember these!

People of all ages can fast. But how many days, how bad is the body? Depending on the topic.

It is better to take liquids rather than just the body. Drinking honey, water, coconut water and sugarcane juice can stop fasting.

Those who are on medication for various disorders, should consult the naturopathic doctor for advice.

The number of days to fast should be determined by the physician's advice, depending on the body's disease and their illnesses.

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