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Arthritis Treatment with natural therapies.

Arthritis Treatment with natural therapies: Those who do not have arthritis in the middle age can count on the fingers! Joint pains, such as neck pain, lumbar pain, and knee pain, are now common! However .... instead of pain killers for arthritis, it is better to resort to natural therapies! The strength of any organ, any key of the body, will remain healthy for a long time. But when the acid is high in the food and the alkalinity is very low, the body is immobilized and the joints are damaged and the legs do not move. Once upon a time, when organic crops were harvested, the body needed acid and alkaline balances. For the body to be healthy, the blood must be healthy. To keep blood healthy, it must be balanced with acid and goodness. When acidity is increased in the blood, bones become dislocated. Muscles weaken. As the acidity in the blood increases, so does the bone. Ulcers may arise in the stomach. Foods that most people are taking today are just as acidic. Arthritis Treatment with natural therapies
Arthritis Treatment with natural therapies
Get in touch with the acid!
White foods mean ... polished rice, sugar, milk sweets, ice creams, groundnut, salt, etc., increase blood acid. This problem can also be encountered with emeralds, poppies, cinnamon, cloves and carnivores. Some toxic substances enter the body through such foods. This causes the blood to become acidic. This acid can damage bones, joints, muscles and so on. Uric acid in the blood increases with carnivore. This causes problems in the joints. When uric acid increases, it causes gout.

Salt is a threat!
Each person needs 2-3 grams of salt per day. Salt is also present in greens, vegetables, fruits and fruit juices. That suits our metabolism. There is no need to use extra salt. But we use 15 - 20 grams of salt per day. This results in a loss of sodium and potassium balance inside and out of the cell. The excess salt passes through the rectum, urine and sweat, but the remaining salt enters the blood and eventually accumulates in the joints. Salt has a water absorbing feature. Salt absorbs synovial fluid in joints. As a result, the fluid is reduced and the joints become fragile. As a result, the bones can overlap with each other, causing cartilage damage, joint inflammation and pain.

Joint mobility with exercise!
People with arthritis cannot walk long distances. Because walking takes body weight on the hips, knees, and heel joints. The joints get worse. This is not a problem with Yogasanas. How many asanas strengthen the joints and are not damaging. Toes can be relieved with exercises such as heel, knee, wrist, shoulders, neck exercises, lumbar round exercises, half butterfly exercise, and full butterfly exercise.
Arthritis Treatment with natural therapies
With vegetable broth ...
Fruits and salads should be consumed in large quantities, such as vitamins, copper, selenium and zinc. This type of food is divided into three parts ...

It is good to use carrot, beetroot, tomato, radish, coriander, curry and curd juice as a good vitamin for the liver.

B vitamins should be consumed such as spinach, lettuce, gourd and gourd.

For calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zucchini, zucchini, ash and tomatoes, the most important ingredient for joints is the juice.

Yogasanas ...
People with arthritis can do all sorts of things. It is natural to feel a little pain when taking new asanas! If not, do not use any analgesia when the arthritis is so severe. Some of the habits that help in reducing arthritis should be practiced slowly and individually.

There are four types of asanas that can be easily folded into them.

Standing Armchakras, Half Wheel, Palm Palm Sitting Skepticism, Arthritis, Striking Arms, Sarcasm, Dandasana.
Backpacking, wind mukasana, breathing, lying on the back.

Exhaustion by the last inhalation with the exhalation, the pain is reduced and every organ in the body is completely relaxed.
Arthritis Treatment with natural therapies
Joints with food!
Nut grains are essential for the bones and joints. The nuts on the nuts contain calcium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium, which are used for bones and joints. However, by polishing, the vitamins and minerals in the top layer of the solution are released. Therefore, it is better to eat pea grains. All of the cereals contain high amounts of calcium. 100 grams of rag contains 344 mg of calcium. Contains 10 grams of rice. Therefore, one should eat ragi malt at least three days a week. 100g of greens and garden vegetables have 800 mg of calcium. Therefore, greens such as ginger, coriander and curry leaves should be eaten. In addition to this, ragi sprouts, ragi ladle and ragi malt are essential.

For alkalinity ...
Eating an alkaline diet is a must because an acidic diet can damage the joints! Fresh fruits, greens, vegetables and grains are alkaline. So this diet can be used to reduce the pain of arthritis and prevent it. Eating fruits increases body alkalinity, vitality, energizes all the cells in the body and reduces the daily loss of joint damage. The enzymes in the fruit have the benefit of reducing inflammation and pain in the joints. Citric acid in lemon helps repair damaged cells. The fruits of Orange, Pineapple and Pomegranate are good. This is why you should take fresh fruit, which is a good source for those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

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