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How to Prevent of wrinkles on the face.

How to Prevent of wrinkles on the face: Changes in the body are natural as they grow older. Aging means that the essentials are stagnant. At that age it is natural to have facial wrinkles and scratches on the forehead. The skin becomes thin and dry. Hanging skin around the neck is a concern for some. The eyebrows wrinkle and the eyelids curl. This is a condition where the eyes are not completely open. The jaw muscles dissolve and the skin slips. No one can stop aging in the body. It is not possible. However, cosmetic experts say that it is possible to conceal age. It is tamasha which means coming into the sixties and still in three tens. It's not like the glory of a grandmother who transformed a seventy-year-old grandmother into a baptizer in the recent movie A Baby Model. How to Prevent of wrinkles on the face
How to Prevent of wrinkles on the face
Reduce stress
Under stress, the release of hormones such as andaline and cortisol increases the heart rate and leads to hypertension. Body organs need to work hard. Getting tired quickly. The old man immersed himself in it. Nowadays, a sedentary lifestyle is to reduce the stress of busy work as much as possible and lead a happy and healthy life. Experts say to opt for meditation or yoga. Doing meditation or yoga for at least half an hour every day can significantly reduce stress and energize us. What's more, the brain doesn't get old. This makes us look younger and younger.

Do physical activity
Coming into the sixties to look good, to be as charismatic and active as a thirty year old, you must begin physical exercise. It will reduce the diseases of old age and make you look young forever. Exercise dissolves unnecessary fat and flows out of the gastrointestinal tract. The skin becomes radiant. For this you can choose from walking, jogging, swimming, cycling and aerobics. Drink olive oil every day before bathing, especially the face, hands and feet. Do it twice a week, if not every day. Also, oats, milk, and lemon juice in water, facial and rinse after ten to fifteen minutes, will make the face oily. Bath Tublogor in warm water, add jaggery, peppermint, peppermint leaves, olive oil, and bath for 20 minutes. Avoid chemicals and lotions as much as possible.
How to Prevent of wrinkles on the face
Coconut oil is better
Take two cups of pure coconut oil free of heavy chemicals and take them to the body before taking a bath. After ten minutes of bathing, you will get rid of pimples on the face, rashes on the body and mosquito bites. Vitamin E oil also does not age on the skin. Egg whites or strawberries and avocado should be poured into the face before bedtime and washed after an hour. Doing so will not wrinkle the face. Doing this at least once a week will have good results.

These are essential in the diet
Antioxidants are rich in fresh fruits, greens and vegetables. Keeping them on a regular diet will slow down the aging process and prevent wrinkles. Vitamin D not only helps the skin but also prevents aging. You should also take vitamin D3 supplements along with foods rich in vitamin D. Biotin is crucial in the maintenance of hair and nails. It is also important in keeping the skin soft. Biotin means vitamin B7. It is also water soluble and can be taken in the form of bee complex tablets. Vitamin C is essential for the safety of bones and teeth. Eat a diet rich in vitamin C.

Water in glasses, 8 hours of sleep
Dehydration can also dry out and wrinkle the skin. It causes the body to lose energy. Therefore, you should drink 6 to 8 glasses of water every day. Drink fresh water after a meal and after a meal. To be healthy for a lifetime, you need to sleep at least 6 - 8 hours a day. Good sleep keeps you energized throughout the day. Such a vibrant life does not preclude aging.
How to Prevent of wrinkles on the face
Prevention of wrinkles on the face
By the end of the sixties the crow's legs were wrinkled at the sight. This is because excessive sunlight and smoking can damage the skin's collagen. Also, estrogen levels decrease during the menopause phase. The skin under the eyes appears as cysts. Cosmetic treatments include Botox, fillers and skin lasers. This does not cause aging shades on the face.

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