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Inflammatory bowel and stomach ulcer symptoms.

Inflammatory bowel and stomach ulcer symptoms: Hotel meals in the stomach! Gone are the days! Smoking Chicken Pieces, Pizzas, Burgers ... But with such fast food, health is just as fast as doctors say!  Inflammatory bowel and stomach ulcer symptoms
Inflammatory bowel and stomach ulcer symptoms
A healthy nutrient that is easily digested and absorbed. Cooking at home is like that! Good cooking oils, fresh vegetables and cooked in a clean kitchen are healthy. But the situation in hotels, fast food centers and restaurants is quite different. Frequently frying in a single oil, storing vegetables, using meat, adding artificial flavors, and using processed food are common. Fast food is also used to enhance the taste of foods like cheese, butter, mayonnaise, ketchups, soy sauce, ajinamoto, and sugary soft drinks. All of these can affect health, especially the digestive tract! Such a diet can cause a variety of digestive problems. Stomach bloating, pain, diarrhea, vomiting ... so many problems. But even if all these things are hurting everyone at some point, there is a risk that if left unchecked there will be permanent irreparable problems. So keep an eye on digestive issues. There are two main reasons for these problems. 

Because of those oils ...

The ingredients used in junk food and the way they are made are both harmful to health! In restaurants and hotels, the same oil is repeatedly boiled. Transbats are made in the oil because of the boiling. They raise bad cholesterol in our body. They also affect the digestive system and the heart.

Those bacteria ...

These bacteria are prevalent in impure substances and unclean surroundings. This is the only microbe that causes chronic problems with the digestive tract! Can cause serious problems such as gastric and deodorant ulcers and gastric cancer. When these bacteria enter the stomach, they produce excess acid. Acid-related problems are more common. Inflammation, abdominal bloating, and tenderness are seen in the stomach.

Is the intestine smeared?

Most of the gastrointestinal problems come into effect within days of junk food. Once infected with Helicobacter pylori alone, it may require prolonged treatment. Once intestinal ulcers (IBD) occur, medication may be used for the rest of life.
Inflammatory bowel and stomach ulcer symptoms
Is the stomach bloated?

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a problem with the digestive tract and is caused not by diet but by psychological factors such as stress. Abdominal bloating, constipation or dysentery are the most common. These include fewer or more frequent movements of the stomach. There is also pain in the stomach. This problem can be tackled with lifestyle changes.


Digestive problems such as indigestion, nausea and constipation are found in everyone! But they should be considered a problem with the digestive tract if they appear repeatedly, rather than infrequently. Efforts should be made to diagnose disorders in terms of symptoms.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

This is called intestinal coating. There are two types of ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease. If the first is a problem in the large intestine, the second may involve both small and large intestines. These problems are caused by eating too many trans fats. Noises in the stomach, pain, bloody diarrhea, fever, weight loss, anemia are the main symptoms of this problem.

Inflammation in chest immediately after eating The main reason for this is the lack of digested food and the consumption of high fats or sweet foods. If this problem is overlooked, the acid in the esophagus causes new cells to replace the cells in the esophagus. They may gradually become cancerous cells.

Liver Infection

H. pylori bacteria enter the body by washing their hands before meals and preparing dishes with impure ingredients. It is easily infected from one person to another. These bacteria cause a problem called non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. In the long run, this problem can seriously damage the liver.

Piles and Fishers

Constipation and lack of dietary fiber are the main reasons for this. Junk food consists mostly of oils, maida, cheese and fewer vegetables. It can be difficult to digest. As a result, the rectum is ruptured and fishers and piles are formed. Changes in diet can reduce problems without surgery.

Inflammatory bowel and stomach ulcer symptoms
Food poisoning

Eating contaminated food can cause vomiting and diarrhea. There is also pain in the stomach. This is due to the combination of viruses and bacteria that make the digestive system unhealthy!

Stomach ulcer

H. pylori bacteria cause ulcer in the small intestine or in the digestive tract. Pain may occur immediately after eating or on an empty stomach. Symptoms of vomiting, especially in the early morning with abdominal pain, may include symptoms such as sleepiness.

Stomach cancer

H. If pylori bacteria are present in the body for a long time, they can cause stomach cancer. Beginning with ulcer and eventually progressing to cancer. So you should meet with doctors without delay as soon as symptoms appear.

Own healing must be avoided!

Usually we rely on your own medicine for digestive problems. We have been taking pills at the drugstore for problems such as acidity, stomach pain and diarrhea. But it is not good to rely on one's own medicine unless very rarely. If problems with the digestive tract arise once or twice a month, you should consult a doctor. Eating antibiotics can cause antibiotic resistance and cause the body to react to drugs. It is even more dangerous.

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