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Sperm whale

Sperm whale: To reach the destination safely, the traveler and the vehicle must be good. In order for pregnancy to occur, the genetic material in it, along with the sperm, must be healthy. Sperm can serve as a vehicle for the genetic material that travels to the ovaries. However, there are defects in sperm and defects in the genotype of the sperm cells. If that happens, abortion will continue for three months without turning. Women are usually slanderous for not conceiving. But it also involves men. The main reasons for this ..  sperm whale
sperm whale
Size: The sperm should be approximately 1.5 ml to 2 milliliters. Less than this will reduce your chances of getting pregnant.

Sperm count: The number of sperm required for pregnancy should be 15 million to 30 million per milliliter. If there is less, the problem should be considered.

Color: The color of semen should be white. Green means infection, and red means sperm bleeding. Despite these problems, pregnancy is not possible.

Viscosity: The semen should be viscous. Like water, there is a hormonal problem. Such a thin sperm does not allow pregnancy.

Sperm solubility: Thick sperm should dissolve at room temperature for 15 minutes. If this does not happen, then the sperm is supposed to be infected. Infection is a major obstacle to pregnancy!

Pus Cells: If sperm cells are present in the sperm, it should be understood that there is an infection.

Movements: Sperms moving in the sperm is enough for 32 percent. If there is less then one should consider the problem.

Sperms cell structure: Imperfections in the shape of the Sperms cell, head, tail, and shape. Due to these defects, Sperms cannot enter the palate.

Sticky: Sperms may stick to one another without moving independently. Infections are the cause.
sperm whale
High testicle temperature: Wearing tight underwear, sitting in chairs for long periods of time, working in hot weather (cooks and furnace workers) increases testicular temperature. As a result, the quality of the purifiers is disrupted.

There are treatments!

There are treatments for every problem of semen except for genetic problems. Prostate gland problems, infections, hormonal fluctuations, varicocele can cause semen problems. All of these can be corrected with medication. Surgery may only be needed when the varicocele is nearing its end. If in the first stage, the medication can be corrected. Smoking and alcohol abuse are also the cause of semen problems! So we have to avoid them. If these symptoms are not avoided during treatment, there is no medical outcome.

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