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Sugar, hippy, overweight is a sign of kidney disease

Sugar, hippy, overweight is a sign of kidney disease

Younger people are more prone to kidney disease

Carelessness can be life threatening

Sugar, hippy, overweight is a sign of kidney disease

Sugar, hippy, overweight is a sign of kidney disease
Warning Doctors

Right now, those three (sugar, hippy, overweight) are scaring the man. How much .. ignoring any .. life threatening. They are particularly harmful to the kidneys. Due to altered lifestyle, work pressure, timeliness, physical activity, nutrition or even at a young age, chronic diseases like diabetes, hyperactivity, and weight gain. If these patients have nothing to do with their health, they are not aware of these ailments .. They are silently attacking the kidneys. In the end, lives are being lost. Against this backdrop ... Doctors worry that the victims are more likely to be young. It is advised to look after the health of the work and above all to check the performance of the kidneys.

Kidney diseases are hurting man financially and healthfully. Once in a while .. are again being taken to a state of recovery. The majority of young people currently diagnosed with kidney disease are younger than 40 years of age. About 20 percent of people who are overweight have kidney problems. Doctors say that being overweight causes diabetes and hyperactivity, thereby causing kidney failure. Sugar, HBP and overweight are the most common kidney sufferers currently coming to doctors.
Sugar, hippy, overweight is a sign of kidney disease
Focus on Kidney Performance ...

When the kidney disease kills a man, there is a strange situation. Doctors say only 8 out of 100 people are able to have kidney transplants. Kidney Disease Experts are concerned that Kidneys are now hard to find, that there are no kidney donors in proportion to the number of victims, and that about 70 to 80 Kidney sufferers are battling mortality. Therefore, it is advised to always look at the care of the kidneys to whom they should be regularly evaluated. Doctors are advised to keep the blood circulation and kidney function level and use medication accordingly.

Cannot detect sick ...

Doctors explained that 40 per cent of the victims did not know they had kidney disease and 75 per cent had kidney disease. Many people do not come to treatment because they do not know they are sick. After the majority of patients become ill, consult with doctors to delay treatment.


Dialysis should definitely be done if the kidney gets sick. Due to costly healing, many people are unable to afford dialysis and kidney transplants. One and two times dialysis is stopped. Doctors said their lives were in danger.

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